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Akikambara is a family owned business that strives to provide a safe and friendly location for hobby groups to get together and play games( cards, figures, board games, DnD, and video games). With exclusive and exciting stock from Japan there is are many products to suit all people. Akikambara’s play space will provide an outlet for those that wish to experience foreign culture through the use foreign language cards, Japanese capsule toys, and exclusive Japanese products, or even our large range of GUNPLA model kits ranging from Figurise DBZ, One Piece, and GUNDAM. Akikambara’s community goal is to place Canberra on the map to host larger TCG and VGC tournaments.



OTS is all we need to say!! YuGiOh! Is an exciting Trading Card Game that references the TV series. There are starter decks available and many singles in store for those interested in getting the right card to obliterate their opponent. You don’t feel you understand the game, don’t worry Akikambra hosts learn to play events or L2P for short that encourage new players to jump in and play.


Pokemon is a global phenomenon and the franchise is forever growing with multiple platforms to play the large variety of games. Pokemon GO Mobile, Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Trading Card Game, and a multitude of games on older handheld consoles. At Akikambara we try to provide an outlet for anyone and everyone to enjoy their hobby, we run (or will be running) events for all the games listed above. With many weekly tournaments and store championships there will always be something to participate in at Akikambara. You don’t feel you understand the game, don’t worry Akikambra hosts learn to play events or L2P for short that encourage new players to jump in and play, that will include lessons on building a team and guides on the digital world.

Dragon Ball Super

A new and exciting card game that has only been around for a couple of years has popped up and caught many trading card players interests. With its diverse gameplay yet similar to almost all other games it holds its own in the TCG industry. Dragon Ball Super is constantly growing and there are multiple tournaments in store each week including the occasional themed events (doubles, random leader, deck swap). If you find that over 20 years of cards to remember is a hard haul you may want to play Dragon Ball Super, come in today to have a game using our in store decks that will teach you the game. Trading cards just don’t cut it but Dragon Ball does Come in and join in the Dragon Ball Fighterz tournaments once a month.


From a 1 on 1 to a 4 player free for all Magic has the history and vast variety of formats that will suit nearly every trading card player. Magic is a game that gets passed down generation to generation and is for all age groups. Pre constructed decks for different formats and many singles to choose from make it very easy for a new player to come in and build a suitable deck for tournaments. Akikambara runs multiple